About Us

Bixby Brown Family

Counter Culture is family-owned and operated by Buster Brown and Natalie Bixby, pictured along with their two biggest critics —  Eden (6) & Miña (3). Photo Credit: Maria Pereira



Counter Culture is dedicated to the population, economy, and environment of South Florida. Counter Culture promotes positive changes to Americans’ diet, lifestyle, and culture. Every purchase is an investment in yourself, your community, and the vulnerable South Florida ecosystem.


Whether a parent browses the grocery aisles or a child scans the lunchroom cafeteria, the options are grim. Most modern foods and beverages are produced in a manufacturing plant rather than a kitchen and resemble a chemical concoction rather than nature’s bounty. Even organic and natural brands have compromised nutrition for the sake of mass production. Counter Culture seeks to reverse the food regression by re-introducing lacto-fermented foods and beverages, which have sustained our ancestors for generations. Lacto-fermentation is a process whereby bacteria convert sugars and starches into acids, such as lactic acid. Many of today’s common drinks (root beet, ginger ale, punch) were originally prepared and preserved by lacto-fermentation.
Every product is rich in microorganisms, the source of human health, vitality, and longevity. A majority of ingredients are sourced from local South Florida farms. Cups, lids, straws, and utensils made from corn and sugar replace traditional plastics. Most empty bottles are returned and reused, a credit to our carbon-reducing customers. Peels, seeds, pulp, stems, and other food wastes are composted. Most of what can’t be composted is recycled.